National Womxn of Color Collective

Why the “x” in womxn?

The “x” in womxn is intentional. The National Womxn of Color Collective supports womxn of color in the legal profession, no matter the race, ethnicity, or nationality. The “x” in womxn represents inclusion to ensure that all minority womxn feel welcome, no matter the gender identity.

Scholarship Opportunities

Through donations, we will be able to provide scholarship opportunities for law students at ABA accredited colleges and universities, as well as bar scholarships to help students with bar expenses. Scholarship opportunities will be available soon.

Lifelong Support

We provide support for womxn throughout their legal careers from the time they commence their education, through the many stages of professional employment and retirement. We are available for womxn of color as soon as they decide they have an interest in law.


We provide mentorship for all of our members at every stage of their careers. Undergraduate students are matched with law students, law students are matched with attorneys, and attorneys may be matched with more senior attorneys.


We host networking events, professional events, and social events for all of our members across the country locally, regionally, and nationally.