About Suwana Jean-Janvier



“Bold and Engaged Advocate” Reared in the small town of Lake City, Florida, by her mother Thelma Jean and father Napoleon Jean a Haitian immigrant, Suwana graduated from Columbia High School and matriculated to the “highest of seven hills”, The Florida A&M University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Being the middle child Suwana quickly learned the value of using your voice, whether it was to speak on her own behalf or the opportunity to vigorously advocate for the needs of others.

During her time as an educator, it was clear not only was the task to pour into her students the joy of learning and teach them how to be fishermen, but to be their advocate for some of their very rudimentary needs. The advocacy for her students inspired Suwana to step out of the classroom and pursue a juris doctorate degree at her alma mater Florida A&M University College of Law. Creating and fostering a sense of community is the cornerstone of Suwana’s advocacy for the fight to a better tomorrow. Since moving to Orlando, FL the location of her community has changed and grown just a little bit bigger, but the goal to uplift and empower remains the same. As a wife and mom of three children, she wants her legacy to be that of advocacy and service. Suwana attributes her passion for advocacy to humble beginnings and believes those beginnings are the launching pad to great things.