Introducing the Southeast and Northeast Regional Directors

Munis’s answer to the generic “where are you from?” question can take a little longer to answer than most. She was born and raised in northern Israel, where most of her education was in Arabic. She commuted to an American International School for the last three years of high school in preparation for a North American college education. She received a B.Sc. from Brandeis University, double-majoring in Health: Science, Society, and Policy, and Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.

After returning from her community development work with a nonprofit in Jordan, she switched gears from being pre-med and public health-oriented to wanting to pursue a law degree. After she graduated from Brandeis, she worked in due diligence and risk compliance for Dow Jones for about two and a half years before matriculating at Texas A&M University School of Law.

As a current 2L, she has her plate fairly full with being a Student Bar Association Representative, a member of the Journal of Property Law, a Student Ambassador, a student member of the Diversity Council, both a Research and Teaching Assistant, and sitting on the executive board of her law school’s Women of Color Collective and International Law Society.

Dalia’s answer to the same question of “where are you from?” is a bit more straightforward: she was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. However, growing up her answer was always Cairo, Egypt, where most of her family and heart still resides. Spending her mornings between swim practice and school, Dalia spent her free time teaching Egyptian bellydance, watching Egyptian soaps, and dreaming about flying away as often as possible. 

Her first chance to leave Jacksonville came when she attended the University of South Florida to complete a dual degree in International Studies and Anthropology. For her Anthropology degree she spent a semester in Copenhagen conducting research and ethnographic studies in food waste and refugee affairs. From there she got a Fulbright scholarship to continue her studies with a Masters in Development and Security at the University of Bristol in Bristol, England. To fuel her ever-growing wanderlust further, she accepted a Princeton in Africa Fellowship to live and work in Kigali, Rwanda for a year. She finally made her way back to the United States to start her JD at Georgetown Law. 

Also a current 2L, Dalia is juggling many roles as staff in the Georgetown Law Journal, Programming Director in her law school’s Women of Color Collective, a Community Circle Leader, and an extern at MFC Consulting. When she’s not trying to keep up with classes and extracurriculars, she is exploring DC as much as pandemic restrictions will allow through bike rides and zoom museum exhibitions.

Munis and Dalia are both incredibly excited about NWOCC’s launch and look forward to connecting with other students, attorneys, and faculty as this powerful network continues to expand!

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