Past Events

Want to hear from industry experts about how to improve your resume and make it stand out? Firms, prosecutors, public defenders, non-profits, in-house, clerkships – you name it, we got it!​

The first hour will go over basic Resume Do’s and Don’t’s in the legal field.

The second and third hours will feature small group counseling from our experts, hand-picked to help YOU navigate the field YOU are interested in. Remember to bring your resume!

This event is catered to womxn of color by womxn of color and will be helpful whether you are pre-law looking for a job before law school, a law student looking for a summer or full-time opportunity, or an attorney looking to change careers.

Space is limited to maximize individual counseling and cater to the attendees’ specific needs and interests. Register ASAP because first come, first served!

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Nervous about OCI this year? Don't be! National Womxn of Color Collective has you covered with everything you need to be ready and succeed.

OCI is stressful enough without the added uncertainty a pandemic brings. Join our panel of esteemed guest speakers as we guide you through what to expect this year.

OCI In The Era of Coronavirus consists of four one-hour panels as follows:

  1. OCI in the Era of Coronavirus (10am PST – 11am PST): The world undoubtedly transformed in the past 10 months in many ways, but in which ways has the OCI experience been impacted? Learn how the coronavirus is transforming the job market, hiring process, and economic outlook in the legal field this year and beyond!
  2. Personal Branding: How to Balance Being Yourself with Meeting their Expectations  (11am PST – 12pm PST): Authenticity in the workplace can be challenging for womxn of color in a field with strict expectations on presentation, performance, and perception. Presenting yourself authentically in the interview can be a daunting task, especially now that interviews are conducted virtually. Hear from a Public Relations expert and a Law Firm Recruiter as they share their professional and personal insights around crafting your story, setting yourself apart from other candidates, and handling curveballs like a pro.
  3. Network and Networth: Navigating Law Firm Culture (12pm PST – 1pm PST): What exactly does workplace culture mean and why does it really matter? Learn the basics about culture, how to navigate the details of workplace culture, and why it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into.
  4. Seeing Through the OCI Sales-Pitch: The Human Resources Perspective (1pm PST – 2pm PST): The script is memorized and the stage is set! Learn how to navigate through a process that is highly curated in order to truly understand the firm, use the script to your advantage, and learn some basics about compensation packages and the general hiring process.

Not only will you receive invaluable advice about OCI, but if you attend, you’ll also receive a discount code for 2021 National Womxn of Color Collective membership and the chance to win National Womxn of Color Collective swag from our opportunity drawing.

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