About National Womxn of Color Collective

Womxn of color are severely underrepresented in the legal profession, especially in positions of leadership. The National Womxn of Color Collective creates a safe space for womxn of color to grow, thrive, and connect.

Womxn of Color Collectives first appeared at law schools. Many law students who identified as womxn of color expressed concerns that they did not have a support system in their schools. As a result, a few law schools implemented Womxn of Color Collectives; however, there was no continuity or unity amongst them. 

The National Womxn of Color Collective unites these law school collectives and connects students who identify as womxn of color across the nation to allow them to share their resources and empower womxn law professionals nationwide. The National Womxn of Color Collective also serves as a resource for undergraduate womxn of color who show an interest in law prior to law school, as well as for attorneys who identify as womxn of color. Moreover, the National Womxn of Color Collective strives to educate the public, foster support for womxn of color in the legal profession, and facilitate greater diversity within the profession.

Our Team

Alexandra Mayo
President & CEO

Megan Lee
Vice President & COO
XuanMai Truong
Treasurer & CFO
Trinh Truong
Chief Marketing Officer
Ida Ayu (Sabrina) Putri
Director of Alumni Relations & Mentorship Program
Natasha Ganesh
Director of Programming & Events